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Technical introduction

ANIS Vapor Phase Tantalum Evaporation Technology consists of a product as a substrate (typically stainless steel and titanium), which is treated by a thermally vaporized tantalum coating process to form a layer of metallic tantalum, creating a very stable, uniform, inert and corrosion-resistant tantalum surface. Through the ANIS Vapor Phase Tantalum Evaporation Technology alloying process, tantalum atoms are actually grown into the substrate creating an inseparable nanoscale surface alloy. 


Processing creates a 5-200 micron (0.0002"-0.008") tantalum surface with all the characteristics and properties of pure tantalum metal. The ANIS Vapor Phase Tantalum Evaporation coating process can be formed independently on the internal and external surfaces of the product. Facing complex parts such as dental implants, coronary stents, valves and fittings can be perfectly solved.


The tantalum alloy is deposited on the surface of the substrate, and the part obtains the excellent corrosion resistance of tantalum metal while maintaining the mechanical properties of the substrate material. Therefore, in terms of product performance and price competition, it is comparable to nickel alloys (Hastelloy®* C276, C22, B2) Compared with special alloys such as , titanium and zirconium, it has unparalleled advantages.