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Company profile

AINS (Beijing) Tantalum Application Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise dedicated to the strategic emerging fields of new materials, new energy and new technologies, integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales.


As a new member of the new energy material application market, AINS owns the ANIS gas-phase tantalum evaporation technology, and promotes the development of standard materials that meet many technical ranges and requirements such as temperature, pressure and chemical concentration.


The "professional and sophisticated" working attitude has attracted all partners. The industrial products that have been signed are widely used in warship weapons, super capacitors, medical equipment and other aspects. Carry out all-round and multi-angle applications in product technology to achieve the perfect combination of ultra-high performance and low cost, and strive to "Ains" products to go abroad and go to the world.


Ains has a professional and independent R&D department, and its team members are all from top universities in China. In terms of scientific research concepts, R&D ideas, and technical operations, it is comparable to the industry-leading standards. rich experience.


We focus on establishing mutually beneficial and win-win partnership with customers, "survive by quality, strive for excellence, win-win by cooperation, achieve partners, and be open and enterprising".