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Company culture

Survive by quality, strive for excellence, win-win by cooperation, partner achievement, open and enterprising


AINS Corporation makes its employees feel at home. Solidarity and mutual assistance is the eternal theme of the company. In such an office environment, employees ensure that they "think in one place and work hard in one place", constantly challenge themselves and complete new challenges.


Company tenet: Seek truth from facts, treat things with facts; don't be ashamed to ask questions, don't be shy about words;


Seek truth from facts: the spirit of hard work, all achievements and experiences come from actual actions, and cannot be falsified;


Judging things by facts: rational thinking, judging the results of things from the essence of things, without mixing other private thoughts;


Don't be ashamed to ask: the spirit of learning, ask if you don't understand, ask for advice if you don't know, and improve yourself by constantly asking for advice;


Do not hesitate in words: have the courage to correct and point out the problems existing in the company, department and individual, and self-examination to achieve the common progress of the company and the individual.